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Phase 4 – Risk documentation


Create a risk management plan

To control and assess the development of identified risks and to see whether their counter-measures have achieved results, the responsible team should create a risk management plan. The company's risk status at a certain time can then be recorded in the form of a report. This report should also document the type of risk monitoring in operation and the means by which the effectiveness of risk containment measures is being assessed.


RSA takes the pressure off

The risk self-analysis results are documented in a report that takes a holistic view of the current risk status alongside detailed views of seven risk groups. This report is well structured and uses clear graphics to present the information in a simple, easy to understand manner.


Measures at the ready

The corresponding action plans clearly lay out steps for the containment or elimination of identified risks - providing a solid foundation for pro-active risk management and continuous risk monitoring. In addition, the software-generated report meets all formal requirements to act as certification (either obligatory or supplementary) for tax or banking purposes.