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We offer inventive services and efficient products in both of our core areas: IT consulting and public transport.


public transport consulting

Requirements for public transport data management have steadily increased in recent years. IT systems are now extensively networked and connected to one another via complex interfaces. We’re familiar with S-POS, AVLS, DaX, ITCS and FIS. Our portfolio also includes revenue and expenditure distribution and statistical analysis. find out more



With our extensive expertise and experience on a variety of projects, we help our clients and partners to determine market gaps and optimization potential. Risk self-analysis software RSA offers SMEs effective risk management support. DIVIS brings networks and transport companies highly efficient, automated accounting and reporting at the touch of a button. PPAMS is a piece of software that facilitates centralized entry of fault and operational notifications for public transport.
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lifecycle management

We use innovative, high-quality software and services to enable enterprise-wide control of your applications throughout their lifecycle. These standards guarantee you exceptional value within a short period of time and also a reduction of your operational costs. We offer both the Profics CALM (Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management) solution and individual, needs-tailored services to assist the lifecycle management process. find out more


enterprise modernization

Our enterprise modernization solutions enable companies to develop their core IT systems into modern architectures and technologies in a gradual, cost-effective manner. find out more