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public transport consulting

Building contractor representation and infrastructure support

If you want to set up new stops, dynamic passenger information, a new bus station or even an entirely new public transport form, we're the right people to help. We'll gladly deal with building contractors on your behalf. When using us, companies only have one contact partner to liaise with - and all management responsibilities are removed. Timely co-ordination and a broad vision are both crucial to such endeavors; similar projects often face schedules that can't be met, delays on essential deliveries etc. All of these factors need to be identified early on so that the right steps can be taken and work continued. As your building contractor representative, we will visit the site as often as necessary to identify and monitor these issues.

Profics helps you with:
  • Project Manager or Project Consultant support
  • Creation of submission documents as per WTO guidelines
  • Soliciting of bids
  • Rough bid assessment
  • Detailed bid assessment
  • Preparation of the final award decision
  • Building contractor and company correspondence
  • Building contractor representation at the construction site
  • Deadline process co-ordination at the construction site
  • Detailed deadline co-ordination of individual construction phases
  • Planning of disabled-access stops
  • Planning of stop furniture and signage
  • Preparation for project handover