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boost your SDLC – the profics CALM solution

Do you have a team of developers who work on many different projects at the same time? Do you want to make use of split on and off-shore developments, divided across several countries and time zones? If so, we offer the Profics CALM (Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management) solution.

The current software development lifecycle combines different disciplines and often operates over different platforms. Profics CALM connects cross-platform and team-based software development and deployment capabilities. Profics CALM integrates and synchronizes all of the people, processes and resources associated with your software development projects in real time.

Based on JAZZ, the next-generation interactive IBM Rational Technology software deployment platform, and IBM Rational Team Concert, Profics CALM fundamentally changes communal software development and sets out more interactive, productive and transparent software deployment. It comes with out-of-the-box integration for project management amendment products Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest and Subversion. The Eclipse-based JAZZ technology also makes it easy to integrate your own set of development tools with the software development lifecycle. These options increase flexibility and facilitate efficient, integrated and cross-platform software development.


At the center of Profics CALM is the integration of software lifecycle management systems (HLMS - Hierarchical Library Management System) in JAZZ. This integration allows cross-platform, fully automated release and change management. Profics CALM makes it simple to share information about current work across platforms. If a test fails, for example, all participating team members and responsible project initiators will be automatically informed about the status. A message will be sent promptly to the appropriate development group where it can be analyzed, corrected, tested and redelivered. What's more, the entire process is centrally logged and controlled.